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2-In-1 Broom & Squeegee


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This 2 in 1 broom and mop makes it easy to clean wet and dry debris without having to switch between the mop and the broom. The ingenious design allows you to move alone between the brush and the squeegee side of the head.

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Product Details

Quick and easy cleaning, wet or dry. Wallybroom combines a broom mixer on one side and a squeegee on the other. Clean up almost all spilled liquids ... raw eggs, milk, cereals, soup, spaghetti, liquids, biohazards with less mess, less effort and without rubbing. The Wallybroom has been designed and developed according to the highest standards. If your Wallybroom doesn't make cleaning faster and easier, just return it and be fully compensated.


  • WET AND DRY CLEANING - Quick and easy cleaning of spills without mess.¬†
  • KNEE-FREE - The vertical design keeps you upright.¬†
  • BIG DUSTPAN - a generous spoon collects more.¬†Pour the liquid water into a sink.¬†
  • MAGNETIC DEVICE - a handle with a magnet fits into the shell.¬†The head spins.¬†
  • BUY ONCE, NOT FIVE TIMES - the best materials, sophisticated design, thoughtful design.¬†

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