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2-in-1 Tongs & Spatula


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Making delicious breakfast items, like pancakes, is easier than ever when you use these tongs and spoon 2 in 1. This ingenious hybrid kitchen utensil allows you to hold it like a conventional tongs and also allows it to be turned over as a spatula for maximum versatility.

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Product Details

A 2 in 1 kitchen helper that turns like a spatula and pinches like tongs to pick up a ladle and serve food quickly and easily without mess! Clever Tongs are quality kitchenware, so they are suitable for an oven and stove. Its revolutionary hammock design keeps food in the cradle, making it quick and easy to pick up and turn; or spoon and serve it all in a great kitchen helper. It is strong enough to lift all the roasts, but soft enough to hold and turn tender fish fillets. Hard or soft, big or small, smart tweezers lift them all! Turn potato cakes quickly and easily straight into the pan! Slide and serve chicken nuggets with ease, and decorating a pyramid of egg rolls is as easy as peeling pears! Take a mountain of fried chicken from the pan directly onto a plate or take the ground meat and place it inside the taco without missing a bite. Pick up and take a bunch of asparagus spears straight out of the pot! Or take the elevator and serve a delicious Philly cheese steak in seconds! Smart Tongs are the useful 2 in 1 you need to easily catch and flip this king size loin, flip and serve mouth-watering grilled cheese. Spread and turn the tender eggs, pick and turn the meats for breakfast, turn the pancakes over, then pick and serve the potatoes perfectly.


  • NON-STICKY, RESISTANT TO HEAT & amp;¬†DISHWASHER SAFETY - Smart tweezers are constructed with a quality stainless steel frame with a non-stick silicone support, heat resistant and dishwasher safe.¬†The set includes 2 large and 2 small tongs with spatula holder.¬†Food grade silicone with high temperature resistance up to 400 degrees!¬†
  • GOOD CONTROL AND CONTROL DESIGN - This multi-tool kitchen has a non-slip surface and a wavy design for better control over food.¬†Just grab it and turn around!¬†Or Scoop It & amp;¬†Serve!¬†When finished, simply pull the locking ring to keep the food tongs in the closed position.¬†
  • EASY TO USE - Kitchen utensils are ergonomic for ease of use - kitchen utensils have the perfect head shape for efficient and precise work.¬†Durable stainless steel tweezers are designed to withstand frequent use, even though they are lightweight!¬†To clean, simply rinse and place on the top rack of the dishwasher!¬†
  • EASY TO TURN, CONNECT, GRILL, GRILL, RECEIVE OR SHOVEL - Place a mountain of stew from the frying pan straight onto a plate!¬†Take the ground meat and place it inside the taco without losing a piece.¬†Pick up and take a bunch of asparagus spears straight out of the pot!¬†Or lift the shell and serve a delicious Philly cheese steak in seconds!¬†
  • EQUIPPED WITH REMOVABLE RING TECHNOLOGY AND NON-REMOVABLE SILICON HEADS;¬†Our pull-off ring technology prevents accidental opening and closing of the pliers, allowing better control of its use.¬†They are very easy to clean and our suspension ring design system provides convenient air drying and storage!¬†

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