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A Bathrobe Made for Guys


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If you’re not Big Lebowski Dude or Hugh Hefner, it’s time to ditch that scary old robe and upgrade to DudeRobe!¬†With a hood on the outside and a towel on the inside, DudeRobe is really the only cloak a guy should wear.

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Product Details

Presented on Kickstarter and ABC Shark Tank, DudeRobe is a modern version of an old, boring cloak. We redesigned and redesigned the dress for what the guys really want to wear today. Whether you're wearing a tunic ... or you're just not the "tunic guy", you'll wear DudeRobe. It is perfect for getting out of the shower, playing at home, walking the dog and just about anywhere you want to relax and feel comfortable.


  • ‚úÖ HOW TO SEE IN THE TANK SHARK (and Kickstarter)!¬†Reaching the funding goal in just 2 days on Kickstarter, DudeRobe was featured in ABC's 9th season of Shark Tank.¬†
  • ‚úÖ THE MOST COOL BATHROOM IN THE WORLD!¬†With high quality fabric with outer hood & amp;¬†More absorbent and comfortable than conventional robes, DudeRobe looks more like a long hooded sweatshirt than a traditional robe.¬†When you wear a normal cloak, you don't want to be seen by anyone (including the Amazon delivery clerk).¬†You can use DudeRobe after bathing, but you can also use it to walk your dog, go out with friends, pick up letters or a newspaper and play video games ... all without feeling like crawling!¬†
  • ‚úÖ SOME LEGAL RESOURCES OF DUDEROBE!¬†Hooded wrist cuffs mean more flexible sleeves that make you look like a wizard.¬†Our trademark Never-Lost is permanently attached, so you can't miss it.¬†An extra internal pocket offers even more space for your wallet, phone and other male devices.¬†The hood heats, hides and dries the hair (after all it is a towel inside).¬†All of this plus the length above the knee makes the DudeRobe much cooler than a normal robe.¬†
  • ‚úÖ RESOURCES + PANTS + PANTS - COLLECT ALL!¬†Made with the same double fabric as the robe, the options for shorts and pants are another way that DudeRobe is simply a better choice than a normal robe.¬†Check out our other suggestions for choosing your favorite DudeRobe collection.¬†

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