Adjustable Collar Stay


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This adjustable collar support ensures that your button closure looks clean and sharp. They are made of stainless steel and come in eight different lengths to fit all sizes and types of collar shirts.

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Product Details

No more wasting your precious time looking for inappropriate or inappropriate accommodation options! And say goodbye to sloppy collar syndrome forever! We present CLEVERFIT, the only adjustable collar in the world with a precise size, perfect for all traditional men's collar shirts: business, casual and formal. The CLEVERFIT, with 8 quick click sizes, is also the only collar support that can be adjusted to provide support from tip to neck. This unique ability combines the right length and strength for each type of fabric, eliminating weak areas in the collar and improving the stability and structure of the collar. The CLEVERFIT set includes 4 universally adjustable stainless steel collars in an ergonomic travel case. Each necklace holder offers 8 precision settings ranging from 2.15 "to 3.50". The width is 0.31 inches. CLEVERFIT is a wonderful addition to every man's wardrobe and a wonderful gift for all occasions: holidays, birthdays, Father's Day, Valentine's Day and gifts for the newlyweds! .......... "CLEVERFIT keeps your" collars sharp and smart wardrobe! "- British GQ .........." CLEVERFIT is a great addition to any man's wardrobe and wonderful all year round! "- Men's health ...... ...." I see that these stays will last a long time, and for sure you will pay your money. "- Electrogent .........." During the holidays it is good to receive party dresses and this product will protect your collars from twisting ... this is a very adult purchase. "- Guy MTV Code .........." CLEVERFIT is uniquely designed with locks to provide reliable size and an elegant appearance to reduce friction when putting on and taking off clothes. "- Indiana Chronicle


  • The world's only 8-way adjustable collar support: several precise adjustments for an ideal fit for all traditional collar styles - business, casual or formal (2.18 ", 2.37", 2 , 56 ", 2, 75", 2.93 ", 3.12"), 3.31 ", 3.50")
  • Most beautiful shirts: unique collar that provides fit from tip to neck , eliminating areas of weakness, adding strength and keeping the collar clean and attractive.¬†
  • Exceptional time savings: the quick adjustment with your fingertip allows you to set the ideal length in seconds, eliminating the need to sort on different rebar sizes.¬†
  • Patented product: set of 4 adjustable stainless steel rods, luxuriously complete with an ergonomic suitcase.¬†