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Adult Venus Fly Trap


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Solve your annoying insect problem once and for all by filling your garden with adult Venus traps. Each of these mature plants is grown by an experienced fly trap manufacturer and includes instructions and tips on how to keep your new plant strong and healthy.

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Product Details

You will receive a Venus Flytrap plant of adult size, alive and healthy. It comes with a 3-inch mesh pot like the picture, moss suitable for carnivorous plants, loose soil and a detailed full-page cleaning sheet written by experienced cultivator Venus Flytrap specially designed for beginners explaining how to care for Venus flycatchers. All you need is a bowl or saucer to hold the Venus Flytrap vase it comes with and some water, a gallon or more of reverse osmosis or distilled water and a sunny window or space in the yard to place your vase Venus. Humid summits and warm weather all year round are unnecessary. Don't be fooled by other Venus Flytraps offerings, in which they reach terrariums or humidity domes. These plants need a lot of light, and it is a myth that they need a lot of moisture. The truth is that installing a Flytrap Venus with terrariums or humidity domes will almost always kill these types of plants. They need to be grown outdoors in containers that allow air to enter the ground with little to block or diffuse its light. Venus flycatchers take about 2-3 years from seed to a decent size. The Venus Flytrap Seed Kit will not quickly turn into a Venus Flytrap the size of this list. A beginner unfamiliar with the Flytrap Venus should be aware that if the seeds of the Flytrap Venus are purchased, even with a kit, it will take at least 2 1/2 to 3 years, if grown correctly, to reach the size of the Flytrap Venus. suggested in this list.


  • Live healthy, vigorous (non-dormant) adult plants of the venus trap
  • Comes with a 3-inch mesh pot.¬†
  • Comes with full-page care details, full-page FAQs and full-page graphic written by Joel, owner of Joel's Carnivorous Plants.¬†
  • Supplied without roots
  • Supplied with loose sphagnum moss, suitable for the soil of carnivorous plants.¬†

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