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Aerator And Decanter Glass


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Style your wine taste with this aerator and decanter glass. Set on an elegant stainless steel base, this elegant glass helps to enhance the taste and aroma by airing the wine as you fill the bottle.

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Product Details

The folds of this pouring and pouring jar gently disperse the wine for superior aeration and oxygenation. Aeration process in two stages: First stage: the process begins by pouring the wine into the decanter. The wine is strategically moved downwards and through the walls of the bottle, providing superior aeration and oxygenation. Phase 2: When served, the wine is gently distributed along specially designed curves, providing a second aeration phase that maximizes the wine's aroma and flavor. Proven benefits of wine aeration: better bouquet and better taste.


  • The unique design helps to enhance the taste and aroma.¬†aroma.¬†
  • Vent the wine when bottling or serving.¬†
  • Made of borosilicate glass with an elegant brushed stainless steel base.¬†
  • Large spout for easy filling and smooth spillage.¬†
  • Capacity: 12.7 ounces (375 milliliters) |¬†Material: borosilicate glass & amp;¬†Stainless steel

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