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Air Powered Arrow Rifle


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The line between assault rifles and crossbows has become even more blurred thanks to the Crosman Airbow. This 8-shot aerial bow shoots life-size shotgun arrows at 425 FPS and can be easily operated with just two fingers.

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Product Details

Improve your game with the fastest and most advanced archery game ever! Benjamin's Pioneer Airbow, which produces more speed and power than a crossbow, but is safer and easier to use, is a revolution in traditional archery equipment. Filled with up to 3,000 psi and firing full-size lances, the integrated throttle offers eight consecutive shots at maximum power at 450 frames per second. Anyone, regardless of size or strength, can handle the Pioneer. The Pioneer Airbow does not require any strings to be lost or tangled and is easily operated with a bidirectional shutter opening, making it particularly safe for use on tree stands. Features a Picatinny rail system for attaching accessories and includes three custom arrows with field tips, a 6x40 mm scope, handle and quiver. Find out why Airbow is a game changer.


  • POWERED INFLATABLE ARCH with control panel - short total length - 33.5 inches.¬†
  • INTEGRATED PRESSURE REGULATOR - Provides 8 photos at 450fps.¬†
  • UPPER SCREW AMBIDEXTRONIC - Uses actual size arrows.¬†

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