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All-In-One Breakfast Machine


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Prepare the most important and delicious meals of the day more easily than ever with this versatile breakfast machine.¬†You can beat everything from bacon, eggs and toast to Joe’s hot cup at the same time.

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Product Details

Breakfast station The 3-in-1 breakfast station includes a 4-cup coffee maker, a multifunctional oven with a 2-piece toaster and a non-stick frying pan. Fast heating and energy efficiency.


  • 3 in 1: this versatile breakfast station covers all breakfast, allowing you to prepare coffee, toast and eggs at the same time.¬†
  • Multifunctional toaster: The toaster has a 30-minute timer with a glass door and can hold up to 4 slices of bread, a 7-inch pizza and can be used to make casseroles, cookies and other delicious meals.¬†
  • 4-cup coffee maker: This coffee maker prepares up to 4 cups in a few minutes, so you can have a cup of coffee while preparing food.¬†Supplied with glass decanter, coffee spoon and reusable filter.¬†
  • Frying pan for the whole family: the large non-stick frying pan offers ample space for frying eggs, omelets, pancakes, sausages, bacon, pancakes and more.¬†breakfast products - and comes with a glass lid.¬†
  • Easy to clean: as if cooking were not easy, oven tray, wirewrap, crumb tray and nonstick baking pan are removable for easy cleaning
  • Compact design: compact 3 in.¬†1 ideal design for small kitchens, apartments, bedrooms, motorhomes / motorhomes.¬†
  • Control panel: select the desired settings - grill, toast / bake, heat / heat or turn off the oven.¬†An indicator light will inform you when the device is on.¬†

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