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All-Purpose Bottle Opener


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This versatile bottle opener will help you open any pot or bottle. It has been designed to work with everything from plastic water bottles to flip-top cans and features an ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold in your hands.

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  • magicOpener EXTREME was designed to open most soda bottles and REGULAR water bottles with small, standard lids and other functions.¬†You are ready to open 4 (FOUR) plastic caps in different sizes.¬†NO EFFORT NEEDED - This magic arthritis water bottle opener PROVIDES ALL THE LEVER POINTS NECESSARY TO ENSURE THE BOTTLE AND BOTTLE OPENING - as shown in the TV BOTTLE OPENER for help!¬†- (Watch the video) Bottle Opener - Magnetic Bottle Opener
  • This Arthritis Water Bottle Opener - Kitchen Utensil Gift INCLUDES A TRADITIONAL GLASS BOTTLE OPENER FOR EVERYONE IN AN CONVENIENCE.¬†With THE BEST BEER BOTTLE OPENER # 1 INCLUDED, you can easily open beer bottles and cans.¬†Glass bottles with lids are easy to open with this unique magic bottle opener - Arthritis Relief Tools - EASY OPEN COVER - Bottle opener for the elderly and all walks of life!¬†- kitchen utensils for hands with arthritis.¬†- Elderly - HOW TO WATCH TV PRODUCTS.¬†
  • This WATER BOTTLE OPENER for arthritis opens plastic soda bottles simply by sliding gently over the plastic cap and turning to break the seal.¬†No effort is required to use this beautiful patented magic bottle opener.¬†Large Coca Cola bottle opener, beer bottle opener and the like - Arthritis treatment tools - HOW TO WATCH ON TV, seniors help open bottles, groceries & amp;¬†kitchen utensils for hands with arthritis - utensils for the elderly, kitchen utensils and utensils;¬†kitchen gifts for the elderly, magnetic bottle opener - items
  • This arthritis water bottle opener OPENS FEED TANKS simply by sliding them under your tongue, lifting and pulling back.¬†Opens aluminum soda and beer cans with detachable flap by sliding the flap in and up.¬†NOTE.¬†You are ready to open the most common plastic bottle caps on the market (including soda bottles) easily and smoothly.¬†Just find the cap size you need to open, insert, rotate and VOIL carefully, your bottle is opened with this & nbsp;¬†an aid for the treatment of arthritis, & nbsp;¬†ARTHRITIS ASSISTANT - HOW TO SEE PRODUCTS ON TV.¬†
  • RISK ZERO MONEY BACK No questions asked.¬†The water bottle opener is made of high quality plastic and metal, so it can withstand heavy use.¬†If you are not surprised with the water bottle opener in the first 30 DAYS of use, return it and we will refund your money.¬†OUR MONEY IS RETURNED Do not ask questions and our customer service in the USA will ensure that you are satisfied.¬†BUY NOW and enjoy this arthritis bottle opener - long-lasting arthritis bottle opener!¬†- HOW TO WATCH ON TV.¬†

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