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Animated Elf Legs Christmas Decoration


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Create a more fun and whimsical environment for children with this animated Christmas elf leg decoration. This unique and fun item creates the illusion that a useful little elf from the North Pole is trapped in his tree.

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Product Details

Go on vacation with the animated Christmas games from the movie "Mr. Christmas". Watch the elf's animated legs go up and down. It fits easily into your tree with the included sleeve and straps. The elf can also be placed on a planter for an extra comical effect. The movement is activated. Made of fabric with tinkling bells. 16-inch long legs. Battery powered (3XAA batteries, not included).


  • Animated elf kicks.¬†
  • Use your hand and a handle to attach to any Christmas tree.¬†
  • 16-inch legs
  • The movement is activated.¬†
  • The bells on my feet ring when they ring.¬†
  • Fabric construction
  • Battery powered (3XAA, not included)

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