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Anti-Bumping Deadbolt Safety Door Lock


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Instantly add another layer of security to your home without breaking the bank with this anti-knock lock. It is designed to effectively prevent people with a keystroke or keystroke method from entering your home.

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Product Details

Are you safe behind closed doors? In modern society, even a locked door cannot protect you! If you think locking the door with a strong lock will keep intruders out of the way, think again! The bad guys have mastered a new technique called keystroke. This allows you to open any lock by pressing the key repeatedly until it turns and unlocks the door. The "blow" can be done easily with the handle of a screwdriver, a piece of wood or any object. With this procedure, almost all locking mechanisms can be disabled. This method leaves no trace of tampering or damage. This can be very frustrating because horrible "home invasion" thoughts come to mind. There is little you can do to dispel these fears, other than the fact that the doors are closed with nails every night! You also need to worry about whether you live in a condominium or apartment, as other people will keep the keys to your home door. The door angel stands guard against ALL unwanted intruders! The door angel is specially designed to prevent people with keys from entering your home or intruders using the keystroke method. Let the door angel protect your doors from unauthorized access and entry! It attaches easily to most screw locks, quickly and effortlessly and INSTALLED WITHOUT ANY TOOL! Made of high quality materials, the frame will stand up to almost anything you throw at it. Eliminates the threat of KEY REQUIREMENTS. Excellent product for: - seniors - women - people with disabilities - families - university students cannot enter the premises with a key without changing the locks: - landlord - ex-husband / wife - old roommates - repairmen


  • PROTECT AGAINST KEYS - Door Angel was specially designed to prevent people with keys or intruders from entering your home using the "key press" method.¬†
  • EASY TO USE - Easily attaches to most screw locks quickly and effortlessly and INSTALLS WITHOUT ANY TOOL!¬†
  • QUALITY BUILDING - A sturdy structure made of high quality materials will withstand just about anything you can throw at it.¬†
  • THE HOLDERS - do not let everyone who has the key without changing the locks: landlord, ex-husband / wife, former roommates, service personnel.¬†
  • SUITABLE FOR - Elderly, women, people with disabilities, families, university students, travelers
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