App Enabled BB-8 Force Band Control


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Surprise everyone with your Jedi tricks by using the power range to maneuver your little application-assisted BB-8 android. This control bracelet adjusts to your wrist like a watch and allows you to move the little android with a single movement of your hand.

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Product Details

The strength is strong with you. Guide him with Sphero's Star Wars Force Band. As a Jedi Knight, control your Android BB-8 with a single wave of your hand and expand your capabilities with Strength Training. Wear the bracelet alone for combat training or collect digital holocrons in your environment with Force Awareness. your destiny and strengthen yourself in the ways of the Force.


  • Control a Droid toy with Sphero's BB-8 app using gestures like Force push, pull and drive.¬†
  • Bluetooth Smart technology with a range of 25 m.¬†
  • The USB charging cable allows charging for 60 minutes.¬†
  • Free iOS and amp;¬†Android compatible application;¬†allows you to use the Strength, Combat Training, and Force Awareness features.