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Aqua Farm


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The aquatic farm is a great example of a low maintenance ecosystem. In this intelligent system, feces feed the plants and the plants purify the water. All you need to do is remember to feed the fish! Ideal for lazy aquarists.

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Animate any space and invite a little Zen with this succulent garden easy to grow. Back to the Roots Water Garden Duo is an award winning hydroponic and aquaponic ecosystem that is the perfect gift, a family educational project or a home decor item. This mini hydroponic ecosystem creates an elegant, maintenance-free and self-watering plant planter. growing succulent bamboo, succulents and houseplants! You can customize the interior of the aquarium as you like and create a beautiful underwater scene. You can also add fish to your tank to transform this reduced hydroponics into a functional aquaponic system. Your aquatic garden turns into a self-cleaning aquarium that also grows fresh food. Fish waste fertilizes the top plants and the plants purify the water - less water changes are needed. The Water Garden grows year-round and comes with EVERYTHING you need to get started - no green thumb or big yard required. The capacity is 3 gallons.


  • ROUND WATER GARDEN: The Back to Roots Aquatic Garden Duo allows you to grow succulent or indoor plants all year round and comes with everything you need to get started - without green fruits or a large backyard.¬†
  • CONVENIENT AND EASY: pick organic microgreens in your aquarium in just 10 days;¬†Your aquatic garden turns into a self-cleaning aquarium that also grows fresh food;¬†Fish waste fertilizes the plants above, and the plants purify the water.¬†
  • DECORATION OR PERFECT GIFT FOR LIVING AT HOME: Each Duo Back to the Roots Water Garden comes with a free aquaponics and hydroponics STEM curriculum to encourage your children to learn more about the subject;¬†This award-winning ecosystem is also a wonderful gift.¬†
  • ALL INCLUSIVE: The Water Garden comes with all the necessary items, such as microgreen organic seeds, D-Klor and Zym-Bac, cultivation stones, fish food and a coupon;¬†This is a stress-free tank that uses a self-cleaning cycle.¬†
  • MADE IN THE USA AND GUARANTEED FOR DEVELOPMENT: All Back to the Roots home gardening kits are supported by this promise - if your kit does not.¬†t grow as described, we will replace it for free or give you a 100% refund;¬†Refueling kits are also available.¬†

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