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Arcade Light Switch


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Add color and whimsy to your home with these nostalgic arcade-style light switches.¬†These arcade light switches are great for playrooms or kids ‘rooms, but they look especially good in your parents’ basement, where you still live with the troubled age of 38.

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Product Details

These Arcade Push Button Switch Covers from LightCore have a classic arcade game aesthetic that gives you a feeling of nostalgia every time you turn the lights on or off. Video game and arcade lovers love these push-button wall plates. They are great for any room in the house - especially children's room, playroom, playroom, entertainment, etc. The wall panels with arcade buttons are easy to install where there is an oscillating light switch. You will need a flat-tipped screwdriver for installation; everything else is included. Simply remove the existing frame and replace it with the frame of the arcade button using the screws provided. The screws match the color of the frame. Installation instructions are included with each purchase. These push-button wall panels are designed to cover flat key light switches (also known as paddle-type light switches). See the reference photo above if you are not sure what this light switch is. If you have another type of light switch, you will need to install the rocker switch in place first. These light switches are inexpensive at hardware stores and easy to install. After the button cover of the arcade machines is installed, the two buttons touch the upper and lower parts of the rocker switch, so that one button turns on the light and the other turns off the light. The frames are available in black or white. The buttons and button rings are available in a wide variety of colors, including yellow, neon green, blue, red, purple, pink, black and white. This allows you to choose a color scheme that accentuates the environment. Choose one of the color combinations shown in the product options above, or choose a custom one to choose your own colors. All of these parts are interchangeable for maximum customization. These fun light switch covers are designed for single oscillating light switches (1 group), but we also manufacture double switches (2 groups).


  • WALL PLATES FOR ANY ROOM IN THE HOUSE.¬†These classic wall button panels can be used to cover any main switches in the house.¬†Add fun to your nursery, game room or even the bathroom.¬†These button light switches will appeal to any fan of video games or arcades.¬†The buttons evoke a feeling of nostalgia whenever you turn the lights on or off.¬†
  • DOES NOT REQUIRE ELECTRICAL WIRE - These switch covers are easy to install and you do not need to touch the electrical wires.¬†All you need to install these wall panels is an ordinary screwdriver.¬†Simply remove the existing frame from any light rocker and replace it with the frame of the arcade button using the included screws.¬†Instructions are included with each purchase.¬†
  • WORKS ONLY WITH ROCKER STYLE FLATS - LightCore button covers can be installed on any standard light toggle switch (also called paddle switches).¬†switches).¬†They are incompatible with alternating light switches.¬†If you don't have rocker switches, they are inexpensive at any hardware store and can be easily installed.¬†
  • MANY COLORS AVAILABLE - the covers of the wall panels are available in black or white.¬†The buttons and button rings are available in a wide variety of colors, including yellow, neon green, blue, red, purple, pink, black and white.¬†Choose one of the color combinations from the product options above or choose a custom option and choose your own colors.¬†All parts are interchangeable.¬†
  • EASY TO USE, EASY TO CLEAN - Each wall plate has two buttons and each button comes into contact with the top or bottom of the rocker below it.¬†Thus, one button is used to turn on the light and the other button turns off the light.¬†Arcade-style wall panels and buttons have a smooth, shiny finish, making cleaning especially quick and easy.¬†

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