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Automatic Motorized Battery Recharger


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Save money on batteries by charging them with power with this automatic motorized charger. Designed for AA and AAA batteries, the design allows batteries to be stacked without worrying about polarity and can charge four batteries at the same time.

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Product Details

When charging begins, the batteries in the waiting room will be directed to the charging slots for quick charging. About 4 batteries will be charged at once, this will take an hour. Charging will continue until all batteries in the battery storage are fully charged. Fully charged batteries will automatically be connected to the charger.


  • Fully motorized automatic battery charger for AA (AAA) batteries.¬†
  • High speed fast loading system.¬†
  • Semitransparent battery update / storage mode.¬†
  • Top stack batteries, regardless of polarity.¬†
  • including 4 AA to AAA battery converters / adapters
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