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Avocado Tree Growing Kit


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Keep a constant supply of fresh produce at home by growing your own avocado with this simple kit. This small plastic gadget has a hole in the center where you place the avocado seed to facilitate the germination process.

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Product Details

AvoSeedo is a small plastic bowl with a hole. An avocado seed can be inserted with the flat end facing downwards. After; AvoSeedo can be accommodated in a space large enough; a pot of water. Due to its low weight and large displacement; AvoSeedo remains on the surface at all times; as the water level decreases; Consequently, AvoSeedo will sink. With AvoSeedo; you can greatly improve the germination efficiency of avocados. Without risk; You can drastically reduce your watering intervals. Only occasionally will you need to check the water level in your avocado seed pot and AvoSeedo. Compared to the original toothpick method; There is another advantage: the avocado seed does not need to be perforated; reducing the risk of damage (and therefore unsuccessful germination attempts). Finally; AvoSeedo has a support that can be used to attach small flags. They can indicate the germination start date; with the names of the strains or with additional information. In this way; can be easily tracked; even when several avocado seeds are sprouting at the same time.


  • ‚úĒ FINALLY!¬†A GIFT TO SURPRISE AND PLEASE!¬†Are your friends and family tired of the same impersonal mugs and gift cards?¬†With AvoSeedo, you will find a truly unique solution for your special occasion & amp;¬†a birthday gift for women that no one else will have!¬†This avocado growing kit has everything to surprise your mother, wife or daughter with an incredible experience.¬†
  • ‚úĒ WHY GROW AVOCADO TREE?¬†BECAUSE IT'S GREAT!¬†We all love the magic of watching our buds grow.¬†When you get your avocado planter, you can't wait to start planting your first seed.¬†We even included a flag to write the name of this best member of the family!¬†
  • ‚úĒ A UNIQUE GIFT THAT GUARANTEES A CRAZY SMILE!¬†This original avocado starter set is the perfect housewarming gift.¬†Imagine the surprise in your best friend's eyes when she receives this beautiful bowl of avocado that grows her own houseplant.¬†We bet she'll love it.¬†
  • ‚úĒ EVERYONE WILL ENJOY YOUR GREEN SICK FINGER!¬†Is your boyfriend famous for not knowing how to grow plants?¬†So AvoSeedo was made for him!¬†You don't have to be a horticulturist or professional - just change the water every 2 weeks and let the boat do the rest.¬†AvoSeedo's smart design makes your moat autonomous!¬†
  • ‚úĒ 100% GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: If you don't like this planter, we will refund your money!¬†We have created amazing garden sets and we know that you will love it too.¬†If you have difficulty growing an avocado, contact us and we will help you.¬†If you are not satisfied - for whatever reason - we will refund 100% of your money.¬†

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