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B.A.T. Coin 10-In-1 Multi-Tool


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Always keep many useful tools with you, attaching the BAT 10 in 1 multi-tool coin to your key ring. This TSA-compatible tool comes with everything from wire strippers and friction saws to screwdrivers and bottle openers.

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Product Details

THE TOOL IS ONLY USEFUL IF AVAILABLE, WHEN NECESSARY. This is the winning idea behind the smallest 10-function keychain multitool on the market: BAT (Bring Anywhere Tool) from Covert Products Group. The BAT can be transported anywhere, as it costs just over a quarter of a US dollar, has no moving parts and is really usable. It is the perfect minimalist multitool that lives in your pocket and does not require a box to carry it safely. BAT can open and ignite. Use it in your daily adventures to survive or even escape. The stick was designed to be carried in the pocket, but it can be carried with a key chain or necklace, or even tied to the shoe as a last tool for survival. This does not contradict TSA's current travel restrictions. This is version 1.1 of BAT Coin with Round Keyhole, originally released on Kickstarter.


  • BAT coin: 10 tools in a multipurpose multi-tool compatible with stainless steel TSA, the size of a coin.┬á
  • CUT: safe and semi-sharp edge to open drawers + hole punch + friction saw.┬á
  • OPEN: crosshead with 3 teeth + flat head + wire stripper + bottle opener (the key ring increases strength).┬á
  • IGNITE: 2 fire rod scrapers
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