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Balanced Crystal Glass Decanter


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Add style to show off your favorite wine by pouring it into this balanced crystal decanter. In addition to aerating the wine, the unique design of the decanter and the round wooden base allow you to rotate on its axis without spilling wine

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  • ♦ Delivery in 8 ~ 15 days. 
  • ♦ European creative crystal decanter for fast red wine. 
  • ♦ Rejuvenation allows the wine to have more time and contact with the air. Through oxidation, the wine can be softened, the aroma and aroma of the wine can be felt and the flavor of the sulfur can be eliminated in nine colors. 
  • ♦ For most white and fruity reds, take about 30 minutes. 
  • ♦ This product only sells the bottle and the rest serves only as a guide. Please understand. 

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