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Barbecue Fire Starter


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Preheat your grill to the cooking temperature in minutes with the intense heat generated by the Fire Starter barbecue. The Firelighter creates a meat-burning hell that is perfect for lightly cooking any meal to perfection or lighting a fire.

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  • COAL AND FIRE STARTS QUICKLY - The Dragon's BBQ Fan is the quickest way to light the charcoal and keep the fire going.¬†With this fan installed on the side of the charcoal grill, you will be ready to start barbecuing in 10 minutes.¬†This electric bellows is much more efficient than blowing air through your mouth and you won't get smoky ash on your face.¬†
  • STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION - The main body of this fan is made of smooth stainless steel that remains cool and withstands heavy use.¬†The adjustable long throat is also made of stainless steel and allows the Dragon BBQ Fan to be placed to blow air where needed.¬†The fan is also equipped with a variable speed motor, so you can control the amount of airflow.¬†
  • USE WITH COAL CHIMNEYS, WOOD STOVES AND OTHERS - This ignition fan has a variety of internal and external applications.¬†Use it with a charcoal grill, fire, fireplace, salamander, smokehouse, fire pit, ceramic hob and kamado stove.¬†It also works great with light charcoal when combined with BBQ Dragon Chimney of Insanity.¬†
  • CLAMPS ON ANY GRID - This electric bellows has a surprisingly versatile heavy duty spring clip that opens wide and connects to any type of grid.¬†It can also be attached to a variety of other items to be placed near a fire or wood stove.¬†You can easily reposition the Dragon Barbecue Fan by loosening and moving it or simply bending the adjustable neck.¬†
  • BATTERY AND WIRELESS - The BBQ Dragon fan is fully battery powered and works wirelessly, meaning it can be used hands-free.¬†Simply place it in a suitable position with an appropriate airflow rate and let it do its job.¬†This allows you to focus on grilling or cooking outdoors.¬†Charge the ventilator using the micro-USB cable, but remember to insert the rechargeable batteries in the ventilator.¬†The fan requires 4 AA batteries.¬†(Batteries not included)

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