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Barbeque Grill Light & Fan


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Don’t let the night stop you – even after sunset, you can grill as much as you want using the light and the grill fan. This high power LED lamp connects to the grid and allows the passage of light beams, as well as a fan to extract the smoke.

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Product Details

Barbecue Grill Light and Fan Sharper image Extend your grilling time with the long-awaited BBQ Grill Light and Fan. Finally, the perfect light for grilling after sunset. You can sprinkle, add barbecue sauce, check the temperature, turn it over - all while the grill lamp illuminates your grill perfectly. In addition, the fan keeps the smoke away from your face. The light and the fan work separately. Great for camping, grilling at night, off-season barbecues and more. Cook perfectly grilled steaks, ribs and hamburgers - even at night - with this light, ventilated grill. Until now, there hasn't been a great way to see the surface of the grid after sunset. With this suspended lamp and fan system, 4 super-bright LEDs illuminate the surface of the grill, while dual fans pull the smoke up and to the sides. Fans and lighting have separate switches for individual functions. The light rotates 300 degrees for perfect outdoor work lighting while you water, turn and grill perfectly. The universal clip connects to almost any hood (except kettle-style hoods). • 4 bright LEDs • 300 degree rotating lamps for perfect illumination of the barbecue area • Dual rotating fans cool the workspace by directing the smoke up and away from the chef's eyes and face • Fans and lights have separate on / off switches and can be rotated independently for perfect positioning • Robust universal clamps attached to almost all barbecue hoods (except barbecues) • Quality for durability and long life • Requires 8 AA batteries • ¢ Available in black with red accents.


  • • The lights rotate up to 300 degrees to perfectly illuminate the barbecue area. 
  • • 4 bright LEDs • Requires 8 AA batteries • Quality built for reliability and durability
  • • Dual rotating fans cool the workspace by blowing smoke away from the eyes and face from the chef ...
  • • Fans and lights have separate on / off switches and rotate independently for optimal placement. 
  • • Robust universal clamps attach to almost all barbecue hoods (except grills). 

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