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Barrel Aged Sriracha


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Don’t even think of calling yourself a true chili connoisseur before tasting the barrel-aged sriracha.¬†This powerful sauce has all the power to burn the anus of normal sriracha, but it also has a fruity and smoky flavor that sets it apart from the others.

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Product Details

We combine our philosophy of using fresh local ingredients with the ancient art of fermentation. We age our secret pepper puree in whiskey barrels for 1 month. Sriracha acquires complex aromas of oak barrels and a natural fermentation process. There are no preservatives or additives in our sriracha. Each bottle is made by hand in small batches to offer the richest flavor possible. INGREDIENTS: organic pepper, brown sugar, organic garlic and sea salt.


  • Barrel-aged Sriracha was aged in barrels to obtain a sophisticated spice and a slight smoke flavor.¬†
  • All non-genetically modified ingredients: organic peppers, organic garlic, salt, brown sugar.¬†
  • We combine our philosophy of using fresh local ingredients with the age-old art of fermentation.¬†

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