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Bartending Tools Kit


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Equip your home bar to fulfill any request with the bartender’s toolbox.┬áComposed of 13 individual pieces of stainless steel, you will have everything you need to prepare sophisticated and exotic cocktails like a professional.

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Product Details

This bartender set includes 13 high-quality tools that are perfect for any professional bartender working at home. This professional bartender kit ensures that you have everything you need to serve the right drinks. The set of bars includes: 1x - 28 ounces. Shaker 1x- 16 oz shaker (used for 28 oz lid) 1x- Spoon with red handle 1x- Jigger 1 Corkscrew 6x- Black pouring spouts 1x- 2 Notched filter 1x- Signature series high speed bottle opener .


  • quality products make this item a great gift.┬á
  • 13 popular items to make your favorite cocktails.┬á
  • stainless steel articles.┬á
  • 6-piece free-form plastic leak devices.┬á
  • Includes Bottles-Up "Limited Edition" bottle opener.┬á

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