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Batman Sleep Mask


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Give your daily sleep a superhero touch by covering the peephole with this Batman sleeping mask. This 3-D sleep mask features a unique contour around the eye sockets to ensure zero pressure on the eyes and nose during sleep.

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  • ORIGINAL 3D EYE MASK: exclusive production of private models, superhero bat design with eye sockets for zero pressure on the eyes and nose contour shape;¬†does not stain eye makeup.¬†
  • SLEEP IN THE DARK: Thanks to the rounded nose, the sleeping mask fits easily over the nose so as not to disturb you with the light.¬†
  • BREATHABLE MATERIAL: Made of soft, odorless and skin friendly viscoelastic material;¬†it always returns to its original form.¬†
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE: The elastic Velcro strip made of small particles allows you to attach the mask to fit your scalp without your hair getting caught in it.¬†
  • RISE SLEEP: Enjoy a deep sleep with this 3D mask to sleep in your bed or when traveling by plane, car, train or bus;¬†mask not suitable for children

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