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Battery Powered Lawn Mower


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A battery powered lawn mower will provide the perfect lawn mowing without the use of fossil fuel-destroying planets. This environmentally friendly lawn mower does not pollute the environment and works for up to 70 minutes with its high-tech dual battery design.

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Product Details

Our Greenworks 40V Dual Blade / Dual Battery Lawn Mower is ideal for areas up to 1/3 acre with a total battery run time of approximately 70 minutes. The G-Max 40V is a double blade cutter designed for better coverage, cutting and bagging. The dual battery door automatically switches to battery backup for longer runtime, making work easier. And all this without the hassle of gas, cables or maintenance. One battery fits our entire 40-volt system, which includes more than 40 tools to choose from (tools not included). Deck material: Plastic, Deck type: Printed.


  • The G-max 40V lithium-ion battery system powers several tools for a complete yard work system - includes a 4Ah battery and a 2Ah battery and charger.¬†
  • The 20-inch cutting platform offers an excellent balance between maneuverability and cutting capacity, making it ideal for medium-sized areas.¬†
  • Innovative smart mowing technology adjusts mowing power or time based on grass thickness.¬†
  • Double knives provide the best cut quality, excellent mulch and cutting capacity.¬†
  • Check the user guide in the technical specifications section for troubleshooting steps and setup instructions.¬†

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