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Battle Shots Drinking Game


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Drown your liver in a sea of ​​sweet drink while fighting your partner in this combat shooting drink game. Each player places four glasses in secret locations, trying to guess the position of their enemy before fully refueling.

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Product Details

Each player fills 4 cups evenly and places them in secret locations on his side of the playing field. Players take turns naming destination locations. For each "hit", your opponent must make that shot. The last remaining "ship" wins. The loser manages to refuel.


  • Bombs though! - discover the next level of the drinking game Glory ... and get in the mood for fun! 
  • Get fast and fun action! - Create a fast-paced drinking game that never compromises on style! 
  • Don't fall for the bait! - or Do ... It's somebody's game! 
  • Be great! - It is a game that makes people talk to each other ... and leads them to "ruin". 
  • Gift with confidence! - With a stunning retail box and lots of adorable items, this is a surefire gift! 

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