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BBQ Pizza Oven Box


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Revolutionize the outdoor kitchen by turning your gas grill into a fully functional pizza oven! With this BakerStone BBQ pizza box, you can turn your gas grill into a gourmet oven capable of reaching temperatures up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Product Details

Make every summer night una bella notte, when your backyard is filled with the smells of a real pizzeria, with the Bakerstone's Gas Grill pizza oven box. Designed to fit more than gas grills with 3 burners or larger, just set the burners and heat them to the desired temperature and you are ready to go! Thanks to the double roof, this oven with grill allows you to roast, cook and roast. Open the doors of opportunities and enjoy fish, bread, vegetables, pizza, cookies and meat in the comfort of your home. Raise the bar with the Bakerstone Pizza Oven for Gas Grills and bring gourmet food to your next meeting in the backyard.


  • Cook pizza and fish, bake bread and cookies, fry meat and vegetables. 
  • The double-walled ceiling provides ideal heat retention for baking bread and biscuits or roasting meats and vegetables. 
  • Prepare pizza in 2 to 4 minutes. 
  • Temperature icon displayed in a human-readable icon. 
  • Portable drawer with handles, compatible with most 3-burner gas grills and large gas grills. 

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