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Bear Feet Slippers


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Bear foot slippers are the best way to keep your paws warm while you hibernate or walk around the house. These fluffy slippers wrap your feet in a fluffy cloud of comfort and feature a special non-slip sole to prevent them from falling.

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Product Details

The Apple adapter allows you to charge while using your iOS device to listen to music. Whether you're in the car, on the road or at home, this adapter lets you charge your iPhone while listening to music on headphones. Just choose us! This adapter is a direct charger that quickly charges your IOS device. Zipper adapter for 3.5 mm. So, no matter how much you carry or listen to music, nothing can be an obstacle for you. This adapter is compatible with any 3.5 mm audio connector, supports audio output up to 48 KHz, 24 bit audio output, high quality continuous music output. The adapter has a stepped plug, compact, lightweight and easy to carry. It can be used with most iPhone or iPad cases. You can use it directly without removing the protective case.


  • „Äź2 in 1 FUNCTION„ÄĎ Ôľö Load + audio (Note: there is no call function).¬†The 3.5mm headphone charger allows you to charge while listening to music, it contains a decoding chip, you don't have to worry about updating your system.¬†
  • „ÄźEasy to transport„ÄĎ: The adapter is made of high quality ABS material.¬†Simple and elegant, comfortable to carry, easy to put in your purse or pocket.¬†It will be a great option to send your friends a birthday or holiday gift.¬†
  • „ÄźPlug & amp;¬†Play„ÄĎ Ôľö No additional software, just plug in your device and enjoy crisp, high-quality sound.¬†Allows you to use existing headphones and any of your models.¬†Light, durable, highly portable, ideal for listening to music and charging.¬†
  • „ÄźHigh quality„ÄĎ The headset adapter uses a 100% copper core to provide lossless digital audio quality.¬†The 48 kHz, 24-bit audio output maintains the sound quality of the headset, ensuring efficient and stable data transmission.¬†Ideal for all 3.5 headphones.¬†
  • „ÄźWide compatibility„ÄĎ: Designed especially for iPhone users.¬†Be compatible with iPhone X / Xs / Xs Max / XR, iPhone 8 / 8Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPod / iPad.¬†It also supports iOS 10.3 or higher systems.¬†If you have any problems while using the product, do not hesitate to contact us, we will solve the problem for you.¬†

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