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Beauty And The Beast Enchanted Rose


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Relive a classic fairy tale with this magical rose from Beauty and the Beast. This incredibly detailed life-size sculpture is adorned with a subtle golden glow spread over the petals for a whimsical shine and is contained in a removable glass dome set on a walnut base.

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Product Details

This life-size replica of Beauty and the Beast Rose is absolutely everything you could wish for! A removable glass dome is positioned on a wooden base, framing a single charming rose. There is a thread on the stem so that you can bend it into the desired shape and latex on the petals to make it look more realistic. The petals are sprinkled with gold glitter for an extravagant shine. Small LED lights embedded in the stem, petals and cascading from the rose to the fallen petals at the base make this object an immediate attraction. This gift is exactly what you need for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Birthday, Wedding or Anniversary for those who love Disney or Beauty and the Beast! The flashlights have an on / off button and a USB cable so you can conveniently connect it to a wall outlet, computer, power bank or other USB ports for electricity. The kit does not include a female wall adapter, but is available free of charge upon request. A battery powered version is available upon request (recommended for central units). The highest quality handcrafted glass domes cost over $ 100. To keep the price reasonable, we use the most affordable machine-made glass domes. They are thick (usually 3-4 mm) and strong, although they sometimes have small defects, such as air bubbles. The base measures 9 "and the glass dome and base are about 12.5-13" high. Our product is made by hand in the USA. For shipping information, see our store's shipping policy page. We strive for excellence and customer satisfaction, so if you have a problem, contact us before leaving bad feedback. We accept returns, a $ 10.00 restocking fee applies and we do not refund shipping charges. We are not responsible for any stolen packages. We do not refund or replace orders when tracking shows that they have been delivered and you inform us that you have not received them. If you need confirmation of subscription, ask. Delivery via APO / FPO takes an average of 2 weeks. NO MAIL BOX DELIVERY


  • ** CONTINUOUS 48 STATES - ORDER FROM FEBRUARY 8 AT 4:00 PM FOR DELIVERY OF VALENTINE'S DAY.¬†Handmade in the USA!¬†Most other brands are miniature versions (only 7 inches tall).¬†Our large size - 13 inches - is the same size as Belle in Beauty and the Beast.¬†
  • USB cable with on / off button that allows you to leave the lights on whenever you want, without worrying about battery power.¬†(Female wall adapter not included, but available on request. AA battery powered version with timer available on request.)
  • Supplied fully assembled and ready for demonstration.¬†Just polish the glass, turn it on and everyone will love this beautiful text!¬†
  • The adjustable leg can be folded into the desired shape.¬†Hand-painted latex petals give the rose an incredibly realistic appearance.¬†The petals even have stripes and wrinkles like real petals.¬†Don't buy silk flowers that look cheap and fake!¬†
  • Support our small business and get great customer service.¬†A mother who works from home makes the American dream come true ūüôā Each pink window is handmade in Nebraska.¬†Find out about international shipping options.¬†

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