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Beer Bottle Stein Lid


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Make your craft beer drink diluted with class with this beer bottle cap. The small cap has a sturdy metal clip that plugs into most bottles to provide a convenient way to keep out insects and still look like a beer connoisseur.

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Product Details

A great gift for Opa or Dad! Transform any beer bottle into a mug with this exclusive 2.5 '' beer bottle cap. Simply place it in your beer bottle, lift it up like a beer mug and enjoy your beer. The adjustable clip fits most glass beer bottles.


  • Small beer can lid with durable metal clip that attaches to most beer bottles.┬á
  • This can of beer can lid is a great conversation starter - insect repellent
  • Approximately 2.2 inches tall.┬á
  • This list is for a limit.┬á

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