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Beer Holster Belt


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You may not be the fastest pistol in the west, but with a beer holster belt, you may be more drunk. This handy accessory attaches to any belt and keeps your beer in a durable, high-quality leather holster, so your hands are free when you’re not drinking.

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Product Details

The beer holster will arm you with a cold drink! The handle on the beer holster allows for safe, hands-free storage of the 12-ounce pitcher. A can or bottle of drink is always at hand when grilling, serving, working in the garage or in the yard, etc. Durable leather vinyl cover that can be attached to any belt. The hip strap is adjustable in size. 12 inches long.


  • Durable imitation leather vinyl that can be attached to any belt. 
  • Adjustable hip strap. 
  • 12 inch length. 
  • Keep your 12 ounce pot or bottle handy. 

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