Beer Making Kit


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A beer-making kit just made your local drinking fountain obsolete. You no longer need to travel long distances to enjoy the life-giving nectar Рbeer. Instead, you can cook it to your liking in the comfort of your home.

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If you know how to prepare oatmeal, you can prepare beer. Brooklyn Brew Shop beer kits, suitable for the kitchen, simplify the fermentation process using only fresh, whole ingredients and traditional methods that have been used for centuries at home and in breweries. By brewing beer with the same ingredients (malted barley, hops and yeast) used by the best craft breweries in the world, it becomes possible to produce complex, high-quality beers on your own kitchen stove, large or small. Our best-selling daily IPA fermentation set makes every day great. Combining the perfect balance of aromatic citrus fruits and vibrant bitterness, this set will appeal to both hop lovers and first-time drinkers at IPA. Colombo's hops convey notes of floral grapefruit and earthy tangerine, and the 6.8% alcohol content means you can drink one or more to become an IPA every day.


  • The IPA Brewing Kit for Every Day is perfect for beginners.¬†The Brooklyn Brew Shop makes home-made easy, fun and delicious with easy videos and step-by-step instructions.¬†Using only real seasonal ingredients, we never include sugary malt extracts, which means that you prepare the freshest and tastiest beers.¬†
  • Created by beer publishers, our award-winning whole grain sets are made in America to cook on the stove in any kitchen, large or small.¬†
  • Includes: Our daily blend of IPA (grains, hops and yeast), 1-gallon reusable glass fermenter, alcohol-filled glass thermometer, vinyl tube, cane and cane;¬†handpiece, chamber air block, Brooklyn Brew Shop cleaner and screw cap.¬†The kit does not include: filter, funnel, pot and bottles.¬†
  • They trust us!¬†We have appeared in many magazines, including The New York Times, Nylon, Food & amp;¬†Wine, glamor, extreme, travel and amp;¬†Leisure, Vogue, Time Out and Martha Stewart.¬†From the best gift guides for your best friends, fathers and mothers, boyfriends / girlfriends and beer drinkers to essential items for Father's Day and Christmas hits, the press agrees that our beer and cider kits are perfect for everyone.¬†
  • Per 6.8% ABV gallon (9 to 10 12 ounce bottles).¬†Our best-selling beer combines aromatic grapefruit with intense bitterness, making it ideal for hop lovers and IPA drinkers for the first time.¬†