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Beer Pong Hat


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Add an exciting twist to your favorite drinking game by turning your head into a moving target while playing Beer Pong. This inflatable beer pong cap allows you to play anytime, anywhere, without the need for a bulky table. It also serves as an excellent indicator of university graduation.

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Product Details

Note: This package is just a hat, it does not include a cup and a ball. Beer pong hats are a set of inflatable beer pong holders that you wear on your head to make the beer pong game a long and challenging task that no one wants to play. Now, when you play Beer Pong with a friend or colleague wearing Beer Pong hats, it will take you more than two hours, you will be hit in the face by a lot of balls (which may not be much different from any other normal day for you. ) And you You are very likely to spill a lot of beer on your face if you splash into the many glasses of beer on top of your head. Perfect for Beer Pong lovers who don't have a table, Beer Pong hats are sure to appear after the fourth or fifth game of Beer Pong due to overly drunk play.


  • Beer Pong inflatable caps come with two hats, DO NOT INCLUDE ping pong cups and ball, only come with a hat. 
  • The head circumference of inflatable caps is about 17 inches in diameter, each cap can hold up to six cups. 
  • Inflatable beer pong hats are made of vinyl and plastic and are easy and convenient to use and inflate quickly. 
  • Children's play can help channel a child's physical and mental energy in a positive way: play can also help the child improve his or her concentration skills. 
  • Easy to store: the whole set is fully inflated for easy storage and portability. Perfect for classrooms, swimming pools, signage displays and more. When you're done playing, inflate the air and save for the next time. 

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