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Beer Shotgun Tool


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The Chug N ‘Plug is a unique keychain that fits for a quick drink of beer in seconds. Unlike other shotguns, the Chug N ‘Plug is the safest, cleanest and most portable way to throw beer.

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Product Details

Have a beer like a pro with a Chug n 'Plug Beer Chugging keyring. Locked and securely in place, the Chug n 'Plug is easily pushed through the side of the beer can. Once in place, you can put your mouth over the opening, open the can and start swallowing. Thanks to the holes in the sides, the Chug n 'Plug guarantees a stable and predictable flow of delicious beer. Since the Chug n 'Plug is a removable keyring, it will always be with you when you need it. Whether you are at the bar, at the party or at the backyard barbecue! Make sure that each Chug N 'plug is locked in place before use!


  • portable beer shotgun
  • Attaches to a can. 
  • Compact / reusable / easy to clean
  • Ultimate Party Starter
  • fits on the keychain

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