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Beginner Cheese Making Kit


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Treat yourself to an incredibly rich flavor that you won’t find in the supermarket making your own cheese with this starter kit.¬†The kit works with cow, goat or sheep milk and contains all the necessary ingredients to prepare everything from mozzarella to ricotta.

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  • Our basic set (well, not too simple) contains all the ingredients (except dairy) necessary to make the following delicious fresh cheeses: mozzarella, goat cheese, Queso Blanco, Queso Fresco.¬†, Mascarpone and ricotta.¬†
  • Enough ingredients to transform 20 gallons of milk into a delicious non-GMO cheese without preservatives in just 20 minutes !!!¬†
  • Includes detailed recipes and easy-to-use instructions and a pouch to drain the soft curd.¬†
  • Use fresh cow, goat, sheep or store-bought milk!¬†If you are making chevre or goat cheese, you will need store-bought buttermilk.¬†
  • Made in the USA - Recycled packaging - GMO free - Gluten free

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