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BestSelf Planner & Journal Notebook


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Get started with BestSelf Planner & Diary.¬†This cleverly designed 13-week goal planner comes with ‚Äúproven templates and tools‚ÄĚ to help you organize, prioritize and stop procrastinating.

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  • PROVEN PERFORMANCE PLAN DESIGNED TO HELP YOU DEVELOP HAPPINESS AND ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS - 13 week life planner with daily progress counter to help you overcome your goals, daily gratitude to encourage inner positivity and thoughts contrary to the weekly habits of a champion without relapse!¬†
  • THE PERFECT ORGANIZER-PLANNER FOR HIGH ACHIEVEMENTS TO BECOME THE BEST I AM Shark Tank tycoon and star Diamond John uses Self Journal to optimize my time and prioritize.¬†Workload and account every day, contributing to positive changes and success in all aspects of your life, overcoming limitations.¬†
  • SCIENTIFICALLY DESIGNED TO OVERCOME YOUR PROCRASTINATION AND LIMITATIONS - Supported by the science and psychology of success, the Self Journal is your proven foundation for inevitable success.¬†Containing tried and tested models and tools, this powerful 13-week goal planner helps you define, plan and track progress toward your biggest goals.¬†
  • FIXED PLANNING ORGANIZER DESIGNED FOR DAILY MOTIVATION AND GRATITUDE - An undated Productivity Notebook helps you organize your life without feeling overwhelmed.¬†Features: 3 target models;¬†weekly planning and reflection;¬†habit tracker;¬†goal tracker;¬†daily gratitude;¬†and motivational quotes.¬†
  • PERFECTLY BUILT AND HIGH STRENGTH FOR EVERYDAY USE - The Self Journal has a professional and luxurious look with a 5.75 x 8.5 inch hard cover that resists bends and tears.¬†Filled with 100g Ivory Think White Paper, which is compatible with fountain pen, abrasion resistant and elegant.¬†

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