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Bismuth Crystals


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Add color to any part of your room or office by decorating it with these bismuth crystals. These beautiful man-made crystals show iridescent rainbows caused by thin layers of bismuth oxide spreading light when their hot surface reacts to air.

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Product Details

These beautiful artificial crystals float to the surface of a super-cooled bismuth melting and forming in minutes. Bismuth is one of the few materials that has a higher density in liquid form than in solid form. Only a few other materials such as water, gallium and germanium have this property. The trigonal crystalline structure explains the cubic formations. The iridescent iridescent colors observed are caused by the diffusion of light by thin layers of bismuth oxide formed when the surface of the hot bismuth reacts with air. The samples range from 12 to 17 g and a density of 9.81 g / cc. Great for teaching crystals, states of matter or even as a gift!


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