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Blow Poke Fireplace Tool


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Light a strong fire in no time with a fireplace blowing tool. Instead of dealing with fuel and other harmful substances, this useful tool allows you to light a flame by simply blowing it out, making it ideal for barbecues.

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Product Details

The elegant fire dragon is the best tool to start the fire we know and one of our most precious gifts. This is the easiest, safest and most environmentally friendly way to light a flame. No folds, no smoke in your eyes, no burnt fingers, no dirty solvents, no frustration! With a 3-foot Firedragon, you sit at a comfortable distance from the fire and effortlessly blow air into the center of the fire. Your fireplace, chimney, barbecue or fire will instantly come to life. Moving logs and sweeping coal is easy with the integrated teeth.


  • An elegant and efficient fireplace and barbecue that will light your fire quickly.¬†
  • There is no need for fuel or other harmful solvents.¬†
  • Teeth for sweeping coal and turning logs easily
  • Helps maintain a safe distance from fire and smoke.¬†
  • Black steel rod with mechanical coating and polished brass nozzle.¬†

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