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Blue Canary Night Light


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A blue canary night light will give you a soft glow so you can fall asleep without leaving unwanted feces on the floor. The canary sits in an outlet to provide ambient light and is equipped with a motion sensor to save energy.

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Product Details

These blue canary night lights are now in series production. The translucent blue canary is powered by a touch-sensitive LED night light that consumes only about $ 0.25 a year in electricity. The light decreases and becomes brighter as the surrounding light becomes stronger and weaker. Anfani LLC has a solid reputation in the manufacture and sale of these night lights for over a year. The luminaires are individually packaged in a minimum amount of bubble wrap and recyclable boxes. NOTE. Remember that I can make a night light similar to this using a white LED lamp. I wouldn't be able to do that using replaceable incandescent bulbs. The advantage is that they consume very little electricity. The disadvantage is that the light gradually fades over time, usually after 2 to 3 years. This is normal for LED lamps and is expected. I wish they weren't boring, but until the technology improves, this is the best option available.


  • Touch-sensitive night light
  • translucent blue canary
  • LED lamp
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