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Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer


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Keep an eye on them with a Bluetooth barbecue thermometer to avoid overcooking your premium cuts. This waterproof thermometer works perfectly with iOS and Android, so you can monitor the temperature and condition of the meat while grilling.

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Product Details

Oregon Scientific AW133 Grill Right Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer It's time to light up the grill and invite your friends to try their delicious hamburgers, chicken, ribs, sausages or steaks! Don't you want to wait on the grill and neglect your guests? Forget looking at your food. To relax! Simply program your favorite cooking modes in the convenient app on your compatible smart device. The barbecue thermometer will alert you via your smartphone when the meat is cooked to the ideal temperature that you have set! Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, our barbecue thermometer ensures that your meat is cooked to perfection! Choose from eight meat options: beef, veal, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, fish and hamburger. You can also choose from four different cooking levels: rare, medium, medium and well done. You can also set a specific target temperature based on your cooking preferences. Automatically record all meals with our Grill-Right thermometer. The free app allows you to easily access your favorite cooking modes and successful recipes the next time you throw a party. Sharing culinary experiences has become easy. Share useful tips, recipe ideas and even text messages with photos of each of your grilled masterpieces, or post them on Facebook or Twitter, easily with your fingertips. How does it help me cook? Stop looking at the food and focus on entertaining guests or preparing other meals. Make sure your meat is well cooked, without worrying about overcooked or undercooked meat. Without messing with additional devices - your smart device will alert you to your cooking progress. The included smart app will keep track of every meal you cook - the last meal was too dry, change the temperature settings for the next meal. Data available for viewing from the main unit or smart device via Bluetooth Smart connection Smart app available on the iOS and Android operating systems Color change of the display, audible notification on the main unit 3 modes: meat profiles / countdown timer / set temperature Air temperature measurement Meat transmission range 150 feet Supports waterproof dual sensor touch screen with keys Shipping note: Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, PO boxes and APO addresses are not available for this item


  • The data can be viewed from the main unit or smart device via Bluetooth smart connection
  • Color-changing display & amp;¬†sound signal on the main unit.¬†
  • 150 foot transmission range.¬†
  • Splash proof.¬†
  • The smart app is available on the iOS and Android operating systems.¬†

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