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Boobs Ice Luge


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Get some snipers from those horns! There is nothing softer than a shot of vanilla vodka from an icy sled, in addition to a delicious serving of perfectly shaped ice chests. It sounds too good to be true, but it is very, very true.

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Product Details

The lightweight Lugez mold and tube system finally brings you this luxurious and functional party novelty - without the incredible expense of a professional sculptor! It's a new way for you and your partner to enjoy your snapshots ... Ice sculpture that IS a dispenser! Our shapes will make a beautiful and functional sled sculpture. Never before has there been a form available that would have allowed the creation of a drinking ice sculpture. Each mold comes with simple instructions for making an ice sled. Read the instructions and tips in the instructions. Can ice molds and LED lights be reused? Ice Lugez molds are intended for single use only. It will cost ~ $ 300 to make a reusable ice sled mold out of the parts we provide. Therefore, to reduce the price, it cannot be reused. LED lights can be used many times. And the LED light is waterproof. How long does Ice Lugez last? The average time of use of the Lugez Ice Lugezis is 2 to 4 hours. The time of use of the Ice Lugez depends on the chosen model, the temperature and the use. We strongly recommend the use of cold liquids to prolong the life of Ice Lugez. Melting Ice Lugez is part of the party ... so have fun watching the ice melt. How big are the shapes? Each Lugez Ice Lugez mold is 12x12x8 inches. The molds contain approximately 2 liters of water. Therefore, they are large, but they fit in a regular freezer. Can I add food coloring or items to Ice Lugez? Yea!!! There are many ways to customize your Ice Lugez. Food coloring is a great way to decorate ice. Test your colors with a water bottle to make sure the colors look beautiful. Alternatively, try multicolored LED lights under the ice to achieve the desired effect.


  • New 30 x 30 cm ice cube tray for adults. 
  • It takes 48 hours to create a sexy ice sculpture with an easy to use shape. 
  • Pour the drink over the top and it comes out of the nipples. 
  • Perfect for bachelor parties, birthdays or divorces. 
  • Slide one or two of our LED lights to shine on the ice (sold separately)

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