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Burrito Camera Lens Wrap


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Make sure that your expensive equipment remains intact by wrapping it in burrito film for camera lens. Made of durable Tyvek fabric, this stunning-looking wrap is designed to protect a variety of lenses from dirt, water and scratches.

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Product Details

This is a lens protector that looks like a burrito! It works like this: wrap the lens like a burrito in the padded cover and the inner tape will wrap around the lens to keep it in place. The wrap provides cushioning, so you can place the lenses in * any * pouch. The wrap itself is made of durable Tyvek (from which protective clothing is made!) And neoprene pads.


  • Lozenge lens protector!¬†
  • Protects lenses against shock, dripping, water, dust and scratches.¬†
  • Suitable for 24mm to 200mm lenses!¬†
  • Manufactured in resistant and durable material.¬†Waterproof Tyvek;¬†soft neoprene lining.¬†
  • The internal zip allows easy folding.¬†

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