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Butt Towel


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Give your friends a glimpse of your perfectly shaped butt by showing them a butt towel. This brand new towel is made of 100% cotton velvet and features an incredibly comical cartoon butt that stands out for everyone through the hole in the back.

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Product Details

We all know that feeling. When you get out of the shower or bath, wrap this hot towel around your waist. You make several movements in the privacy of your home until the doorbell rings or until the dog poops on the floor. Suddenly, its doors open and the dog working with the shovel is a fool. Naturally, this towel gets a little messy and you end up in the front line. Instead of letting this complicated towel get the best of you, slide over this pre-disheveled towel with an open butt already stamped. All your problems are solved until the dog takes off your towel.


  • 100% cotton.¬†
  • This surprisingly silly towel has a bare butt stamped on it.¬†
  • Wrap it around your waist, covering and exposing at the same time.¬†
  • A guaranteed laughing stock for any pool or beach party.¬†
  • 100% cotton, velvet, 300 g / m2.¬†
  • Original size 58 by 26 in.¬†

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