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Canned WiFi


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Make sure you’re always connected to the digital world, no matter where you travel – taking that standard Wi-Fi with you.¬†It will provide LTE, 3G, 4G and even 5G internet wherever you are.¬†Best of all, it is powered by kinetic energy, so it requires no batteries or electricity!

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  • NEW WIFI IN A CAN can be collected by many of our Can fans, but canned wi-fi must be one of the funniest.¬†At first it seems real, as if some new technological advance was ready, but nothing could be further from the truth.¬†When you, your guest or the recipient of the gift, study the details of the can, the mood becomes incredibly fun.¬†In fact, canned Wi-Fi works even on airplanes.¬†
  • ENJOY THE LONG TERM ADVANTAGES.¬†Canned Wi-Fi is not a single joke.¬†On the contrary, it is a timeless, collectible piece of art, a conversation piece, something that you will proudly place on your coffee table, bookcase, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom or office.¬†Throw in a backpack or suitcase.¬†Every time you or your guests explore this jar, you laugh.¬†
  • OFFER A LAUGHING GIFT: The perfect gift for corporate parties, weddings, birthdays, holidays, Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day.¬†Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Graduation, Meetings, Domestic Isolation, Corporate Events, Birthday Gift, Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Bar Mitzvah, Incentive Events, Cocktails and more.¬†
  • GIFT PLEASURE, DECORATE OR COLLECT: This is 100% pure humor and a unique memory to be proudly shared and shown.¬†Ideal for children aged 8 to 108 years!¬†We guarantee that this novelty or collectible jug will be the subject of conversations for any reason, since it is passed from person to person ... YES, BE PREPARED!¬†Prepare your camera, curious faces burst into smiles and laughter.¬†No batteries or can opener required.¬†
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: this bottle is the perfect size for a gift, display or storage.¬†Leave it empty or fill it with sand, water, mud, balls, beads, dried beans, flowers, dog treats, sweets or any other small item.¬†It is a mirrored steel jar with a steel screw cap.¬†The label is supplied separately and is easy to apply with our "Sure-fit" Peel-n-Stick.¬†Glossy design paper.¬†WATCH.¬†This is a new product that does not actually connect to the Internet.¬†

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