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Captain America Motorcycle Suit


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If owning a motorcycle still doesn’t make you feel like a tough guy, Captain America’s leather motorcycle jumpsuit is sure to fit you. Carefully detailed, these outfits are exact replicas of the uniforms from Captain America’s original film.

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Product Details

* Not all sizes available, call or email before ordering 847-350-0108 * Two-tone herringbone pattern on white leather sleeves. * Two-tone herringbone pattern across blue leather. * Aluminum stars on the chest and shoulders, as well as buckles on the back and belts. * Molded leather on the shoulders * Strong joint edge for all visible and hidden points * Self-defense - Antique dark brown leather base for boots, gloves and service belt * CE approved removable armor on the forearm shoulders and back protector. * Lightweight and detachable inner lining detailed * Jacket and pants have a zipper at the waist, making this suit basically one piece * Indicate the requested size for each component; Jacket Pants Belt Boots and gloves. See Size Chart * Made of quality tanned cowhide * High quality accessories * Helmet shown is not included * Brand new It was the first. Before the Avengers could become a team, he paved the way. The greatest defender of freedom forged in the war was Captain America, the First Avenger. Now, with this officially licensed movie replica, you can also be a real tribute to the great hero. The carefully designed leather motorcycle suit with a Replicas UD canvas needs proof that you don't need a super serum to look like a superhero. One of the most exclusive leather uniforms created for the canvas can now be yours. All the features of Captain America: The First Avenger were recreated in molded leather, from the classic color scheme to the aluminum emblems on the back sleeves and the ever legendary silver star on our hero's chest. Perfectly crafted gloves, a functional belt and detailed rigging complete this iconic combat uniform, reflecting the 1940s retro design of Captian America: The First Avenger. Become a legend with the UD Replicas Captain America: The First Avenger motorcycle suit.


  • * Two-tone herringbone pattern on white leather sleeves. 
  • * Two-tone herringbone pattern across the blue leather. 
  • * Aluminum stars on the chest, shoulders and back. Seat belt buckles and belt buckle
  • * A folded blue leather upper part of the chest with an aluminum section conceals the front central zipper. 

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