Carnivorous Plants Light Cube


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Witness nature’s carnage as you grow your own carnivorous plants with this cube of light.┬áThis themed terrarium is equipped with a USB power cable and has a compact yet powerful LED that will keep your carnivores thriving for many years.

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Product Details

Create scary traps for flies and wild crayfish. They will begin to sprout without delamination and will thrive in their LED-lit swamp for many years. These carnivores are interesting to watch for growth from the day they germinate. Fifteen powerful micro-LED lamps provide plenty of light for your seedlings and plants to grow. Modern light has red lights to encourage flowering, blue lights to encourage the growth of foliage and you can configure it to use one or both of the light sources, depending on what you are growing.


  • Thematic terrarium
  • LED plant lamp
  • USB plug and cable