Cash Suit


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You may not be broke, but why can’t your suit be?¬†This modern two-button cash suit wraps your manly figure in an attractive and attractive $ 100 bill motif that will make you rain wherever you go.

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Product Details

The money says: by wearing a kashanova, you can really show them what you are worth, style and wealth combined in a suit. Perfect for when you are about to open a new bank account, for an interview on Wall Street or when you are in Las Vegas. This suit is richly decorated with $ 100 bills and comes with a matching tie to look like a million dollars. At first glance, this suit may seem out of reach, but we wouldn't be OppoSuits if we don't offer you Kashanova for a cheap price of $ 99.95. Money does not buy happiness, wear our Kashanova, and soon you will understand why ...


  • 100% polyester.¬†
  • Import.¬†
  • Machine wash.¬†
  • Elegant high quality suit with money print.¬†Perfect as a costume for Halloween and other events throughout the year, as a bachelor party, wedding, festival, sporting event or any type of party you want to stand out.¬†Used to be wild
  • This is the original suit of the OppoSuits collection, therefore, unlike any replica, it has real suit pockets, both inside and out, lining, buttons, belt loops, etc.¬†All the little details you would expect from a normal and boring suit.¬†It's a suit from OppoSuits, which means that a complete suit and tie will be delivered to you at a ridiculously affordable price.¬†
  • Check our size chart to see which of our 9 different sizes is best for you.¬†... When choosing a size, remember that all of our sizes are elegantly and properly designed.¬†Therefore, if you are in doubt between two sizes, we recommend that you choose the largest one.¬†The design allows the local tailor to adjust the waistband and side seams in 2 sizes on each side.¬†