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Cat Paw Doorstop


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Keep your feline friend by your side whenever you prop up your door with a cat’s paw. It is made of durable rubber material, designed to withstand heavy use and also to please anyone who comes in contact with it.

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Product Details

Enter or leave? Cats never dare. If you decide to leave the door open, you can ask Here Kitty to purr. This reversible door frame is 100% approved for cats.


  • Cats can never make a decision. 
  • If you choose to leave the door open, you can ask Here Kitty to support you in a purring voice
  • This reversible stop is 100% approved for cats. 
  • There are many reasons to keep the door open; make it a great gift for the cat lover in your life. 
  • Fred's authentic design and quality can add fun even to something as trivial as keeping an open door. 

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