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Chain Mail Cast Iron Scrubber


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To keep all your cast iron pans looking new, clean them thoroughly with this chain-link cast iron scraper. It is hand made from high quality food grade stainless steel and is ideal for cleaning Dutch ovens, stainless steel pots, woks and more.

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Product Details

Not in the world. Selling 1 cast iron pot cleaner - for good reason! Cleaning cast iron pans with the CM mop is safe, quick and easy. Well-seasoned cast iron cookware will now remain ripe. Quick - just rinse the pan with warm water and scrub. The residues cooked in the leftovers are separated quickly and easily. Cleaning - can be cleaned quickly with a little soap and water or simply washed in the dishwasher. Keep your sweaty cast iron seasoning - you work hard to get perfectly seasoned cast iron cookware. Do not risk losing the seasoning of the pan with detergent or scratching the pans with metal utensils. The CM purifier only handles warm water. And the patented chainmail design means that only the circular edges of the ring touch the frying pan. Hang to dry - Customers love the big corner ring. This helps to hold while scrubbing, so simply hang the scraper to air dry. Recommended by Cook's Illustrated Magazine: Can this little gadget clean cast iron better than oil and salt? Test results: Recommended "... We even started our cast iron skillet now that we have a cleaner and faster cleaning tool." - ci magazine, january / february 2012, you can trust Knapp Made's unrivaled customer service for debuggers. We are a real company, you can make connections with real people. Our lifetime replacement is exclusive to the industry. Refunds Your satisfaction is our goal. If for any reason this product does not meet your expectations, let us know. Buy now Click Buy Now before you run out of stock!


  • The original chainmail cleaner!¬†Knapp Made CM Scrubbers can be trusted, often imitating, but never duplicating.¬†High-quality mesh cleaners since 2011.
  • Best-selling cleaners in the world for cast iron cookware, Dutch ovens, casseroles, stainless steel cookware, woks and more.¬†Maximum quality.¬†Lifetime warranty.¬†
  • Makes cleaning cast iron pans quick and easy.¬†Handmade in the highest quality stainless steel - level 316. Preferred by professional and domestic chefs.¬†
  • Comes with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty made by Knapp.¬†
  • Patented CM Scrubber ‚ĄĘ - recommended by Cooks Illustrated Magazine.¬†Recommended in America's test kitchens.¬†

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