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Chalkboard Wall Paint


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Now you can turn any normal wall into a blackboard, just like at school!¬†Just paint the chalkboard wall paint as you would the traditional wall paint, and when it dries, you’ll have a real chalkboard to write and draw on.

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Product Details

Rust-Oleum chalkboard ink can hide wood, metal, plastic, glass, cardboard, cardboard and more in a comfortable chalkboard. Create custom blackboards of any shape and size on virtually any surface, including walls, small furniture and furniture. Great for indoor spaces such as kitchens, game rooms, offices, etc.


  • Ideal for creating an internal blackboard on various surfaces, including wood, metal, masonry, drywall, plaster, glass, concrete, cardboard and fiber.¬†
  • Apply the oil-based formula to a hard chalk writing surface on most internal surfaces.¬†
  • Covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äč95 to 120 m¬≤.¬†feet and touch dry in 30 minutes.¬†
  • Creates a blackboard that is scratch resistant, smooth and easy to clean after use
  • For best results, wait 24 hours after application and prepare the surface for use before writing on the surface by rubbing the surface with chalk and erasing.¬†
  • Soap & amp;¬†water treatment
  • internal use only
  • Scratch resistant
  • Use on wood, metal, plaster, cardboard, cardboard.¬†
  • Excellent hardness
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