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Cherry Blossom Bonsai Seeds


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Delight yourself with a green finger and add an aesthetic appeal to your home by planting cherry blossom bonsai seeds. They are perfect for your home’s Zen garden, helping you relax as you carefully sculpt and trim your miniature tree.

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  • Complete Bonsai seed kit with everything you need to grow Japanese Sakura flower Bonsai from seeds
  • The seed kit includes Japanese Sakura flower Bonsai seeds , ceramic pot, mix of bonsai plant pots, stones and instruction manual
  • Sufficient seeds are included for the germination of various initial crops. 
  • The style and color of the ceramic container may vary. Dimensions of the ceramic vase: 2.75 "L x 2.75" L x 2 "H
  • Dimensions of the gift box 3" L x 3 "L x 3" H. Handmade by the company 9Greenbox

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